About Us


Central Bark is your one stop luxury pet care facility located in Parnell, Auckland. Our premium services include daycare, short and long-term hotel stays, grooming for both cats and dogs and exclusive pet supplies. We have the latest climate-controlled air purification system ensuring your dog’s comfort no matter what the season.

At Central Bark’s doggy daycare, your dog will become part of our doggy family. Each day is different, providing varied activities, plenty of exercise and important socialisation with their pack. You can relax knowing your dog is in a secure environment under close supervision from our friendly trained team with a group of pawsome friends who have been vetted for behaviour and health.

Whether your dog loves to play, explore, sniff, or just chill out, our daycare is the perfect home away from home.

Our Philosophy

At Central Bark, all our team are trained in low stress handling, using positive reinforcement methods and reward-based training providing them with love, affection, treats and toys.

We believe that all pets should be treated with compassion and kindness with animal welfare being our top priority. We will provide you with honest feedback and updates on how your pet settles during their time here.