Meet the Team

Animal Care Coordinator

In 2019, after volunteering at the SPCA in the Puppy Ward for several years Britney decided to leave her corporate job and enter the doggy daycare world; joining the Central Bark team mid-2020. 

She has always been enamoured with dogs and animals; becoming a vegetarian at the age of 9 to stand up for animal rights. Her best friend growing up was her family dog Ivy. Ivy had pups while Britney was in primary school and she held her paw throughout the birth. The first born pup went on to become Britney's dog and best friend Isabella, who passed away at the age of 17 in early 2020. 

Outside of work Britney spends her time with her two border collie pups, Bodhi and Luna who are a handful but heaps of fun.

"I will likely never return to a job that doesn't involve dogs – because dogs are just the best".