Dog Hotel

Central Bark offers a boutique hotel stay exclusively for our doggy day care clients. During their stay your dog will spend their days in their usual park with their same doggy friends and familiar animal care coordinators.  After a fun filled day, they will go back to their hotel suite for dinner and a good night’s sleep. We have a staff apartment onsite, so your dog is in the best care day and night. The suites have the latest climate-controlled air purification system ensuring your dog’s comfort no matter what the season and we offer complimentary high quality dog biscuits.

If you are a new client wanting to book the hotel, you will first need to enrol in our doggy day care. We may require a couple of visits before taking a booking request, this is to ensure your dog is familiar with their surroundings and comfortable in our day care environment. Please see the full details of how to enrol here.

Booking the hotel for your dog

Current Client:
Log into the owner portal below to request a hotel booking.

New Client:
Give us a call to apply for a first day assessment. Read more about the First Day Assessment here.