Dog Hotel

Our exclusive dog hotel is combined with our doggy daycare.

This means that during their stay, your dog will spend their days in one of our social and active indoor dog parks with all their new doggy friends! We will ensure your dog has a fun and enriching day, filled with games, naps, snacks and lots of love!

If this is your dog’s first stay at Central Bark, you must enrol with us first by booking a behaviour assessment. During the assessment we will take the time to evaluate your pup’s behaviour in this new environment, determine which play park your dog will be best suited to and introduce them to their hotel suite ensuring they are comfortable and relaxed. We have a staff apartment onsite so your dog is never alone, even overnight and our suites have the latest climate-controlled air purification system ensuring your dog’s comfort no matter what the season.

Booking the hotel for your dog

Current Client:
Log into the owner portal below to request a hotel booking.

New Client:
Give us a call to apply for a first day assessment. Read more about the First Day Assessment here.