Puppy Socialisation

Laura McHugh, our in-house Training Manager has put together a Puppy Socialisation course to help you and your pup this lockdown! And the best bit? Its free!

This mini course is full of tips and fun games to help you socialise your puppy and set them up for a lifetime of success! Socialisation is an ongoing thing, so you could find it helpful for your older dog too!

Canine Body Language

Laura McHugh, our in-house Training Manager, is here to help with all your dog training needs!

Do you want to learn more about dogs? Have you ever wondered what they’re trying to tell you? Dogs are communicating with us all the time. This course will develop your skills so you can understand what a dog is saying with their body language. Follow the link and get started today!

Laura McHugh, our in-house Training Manager, is here to help with all your dog training needs!

At Central Bark we believe training is as essential to your dog’s wellbeing as having a loving home.  It strengthens your bond and encourages you to get to know each other better.

Our trainer Laura believes that dog training should be fun for both the dog and human. It is about building a relationship with your dog and working together to achieve goals and overcome any struggles. Laura prides herself on continuing to learn what she can and developing new techniques to help both dogs and their guardians.

Laura’s role at Central Bark includes running various training classes and workshops for you and your dog to attend, plus help you with more specific training struggles through 1 to 1 sessions.

Laura is also on site passing on her knowledge to all the Central Bark Team and ensuring they are up to date with the most recent scientific based training techniques available. This allows Central Bark to adapt to an individual dog’s needs and requirements to ensure they are being provided the best care while they are with us.

We have dog training options for dogs of all ages and skills at Central Bark:

Racing Recalls

Can't let your dog off leash? Worried your dog will disappear given any opportunity? Is that dog or stranger in the distance is way more fun for them to listen? This is the workshop for you!
We all want a dog that reliably comes back to us when asked. In this 2 hour workshop we will teach you and your dog lots of fantastic games to play to help you gain that reliable recall you want.

Attention Please! Focus

Do you struggle to get your dog to disengage from distractions? Do they listen at home but then have no ears when out and about? This is the workshop for you!
This 2 hour workshop is designed to help you get the focus you want and need when you're out with your dog. You will learn how to become the centre of your dog's attention by playing games specifically designed to keep their focus on you.

Cool, Calm, Collected

Does your dog find everything else in the environment more exciting than you? Do you struggle to get your dog’s focus when you’re out and about? Is your dog challenged with self-control, unable to calm themselves once they get excited by something?
Then this workshop is for you!
Our 2 hour workshop is designed to provide you with the tools for developing a cool, calm and collected dog!

Puppy Power

Have you got a puppy? Have you missed puppy class or just want to learn more? Do you want to have fun learning ways to train your puppy through games? This is the workshop for you!
This 2 hour workshop is designed for puppies under the age of 8 months. We will be focusing on setting you and your puppy with training skills to create a great relationship for life. All through playing lots of fun games!
Please note all puppies must be fully vaccinated to attend this workshop

Troublesome Teens

4 Week Class for dogs from 6 months to 2 years

Do you have a teenage dog that needs training? Did you attend puppy class and they seem to have forgotten everything they learnt? Or maybe you've just adopted an adolescent dog? Do you find yourself standing alone while your dog runs off into the distance ignoring you? Do your arm muscles ache after taking your dog out for a walk from all the pulling? Would you like a dog that comes back to you when you call and walks nicely next to you? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions you are not alone, and we can help! This 4 week class is designed for dogs that are 6 months and older with the focus being on building the relationship between you and your dog so your dog WANTS to do as you ask and be with you.

Middle Aged Mischiefs

4 Week Class for dogs over 2 years

Do you need some help with your adult dog? Does your dog need a bit of a refresh with training? Or maybe you've adopted an adult dog and aren't sure what training they've had? Want to attend a training class that's fun and that the whole family can get involved with? We can help! Our Middle-Aged Mischiefs Class is designed for adult dogs who need some help with their training. Our training is based on relationship building. We will help you to gain a dog that comes back when you ask and walks nicely next to you, all because they want to. This 4-week class is designed for dogs over 2 years old.

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