Doggy Daycare

Central Bark’s Doggy Daycare is suitable for both high and low energy dogs. Our team love nothing more than building confidence in shy dogs and challenging high energy dogs with a range of socialisation activities and brain games.

We offer 4 indoor play parks that are always supervised by experienced animal care coordinators. We ensure your dog has a fun and enriching day, filled with games, naps, snacks and lots of love!

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First Day Assessment

Daycare is not suitable for all dogs and it is important we ensure your dog is happy and content during their time in our social and active play parks.

Rebecca, our Animal Care Manager and Dog Behaviourist will complete a behavioural assessment on arrival and answer your questions. Once complete, your dog will be introduced to the group under strict supervision until they settle in with their new mates. We have several designated areas for dogs of varying temperament, size and energy levels to suit your dog’s needs.

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