Doggy Hotel

Thank you for your interest in boarding with Central Bark! We offer boutique hotel stays exclusively for our doggy daycare clients. Our hotel and daycare are combined, which means during the hotel stay your dog will spend their days in one of our social and active indoor dog parks with all their new doggy friends! If you are a new client wanting to board with us, you will first need to enrol in our doggy daycare.

All new clients (or clients who have not attended in more than 6 months) must enroll by booking a first-day assessment with our Animal Care Manager. During the assessment, we will take the time to evaluate your pup's behaviour in this new environment, determine which play park your dog will be best suited to and introduce them to the hotel suites to check they feel comfortable and relaxed. Hotel bookings are subject to passing the assessment. We often require a minimum of 3 daycare visits before considering a boarding request.

First Day Assessment

First-Day Assessment / Reassessment 

Drop off time
7am – 7.30am

Pick up time
12.30pm – 1pm

Price of assessment

First-Day Assessment with Overnight Trial

Drop off time
7am – 7.30am

Pick up time
Next day, 8am – 11am

Price of assessment

(Please also make sure you are available during the day to pick your dog up if need be)

What should I bring?
Please ensure your dog arrives on leash and bring along their breakfast and / or their absolute favourite treats!

We will also require proof of up-to-date vaccinations, which must include:

  • Leptoguard
  • Vanguard/DHPPi
  • Canine Cough

During the hotel stay, we provide Adult Royal Canin Biscuits which is complimentary.

Please bring your own food if your dog requires wet or raw food, or if they are on a prescription/special diet. There is a daily charge of $5.00 for administering your own food.

We also have beds, bowls, toys, and blankets so no need to bring anything extra with you, although their favourite blanket can often help them to settle in ❤

Check in times

2pm – 5pm Monday to Friday

Check out times

7am – 11am Monday to Friday

We also offer extras such as outdoor walks, daily medication administration, and bath & blow-dry (includes nail clip) and enrichment add ons such as stuffed Kong’s or peanut butter lickimat! For full details of pricing and add on options see here.

All bookings are subject to pre-payment and our terms & conditions. Please ensure you have read our House Rules.

Set up your Central Bark Account today!

Step 1: Download and complete the Dog Hotel Form below

Step 2: Select ‘Sign Up’ to set up your Owner Portal Account

Step 3: Upload your Doggy Daycare Assessment form, vaccinations and desexing certificate via your new owner portal account.

Once we have received these, we will contact you to book in your pets First Day Assessment!

After completing the First Day Assessment, you will be able to request daycare, hotel and grooming appointments via your Owner Portal 😊