House Rules

  • Enrolment at Central Bark Doggy Daycare and Hotel is subject to passing an initial First Day assessment.
  • We offer boutique hotel stays exclusively for regular doggy daycare clients. For first-time boarders at the dog hotel, a trial night is required.
  • Dogs who haven't attended Central Bark in more than 6 months will need to book in for a reassessment before attending daycare or hotel.
  • All pets over 6 months old must be desexed to attend.
  • As part of the Central Bark "uniform", all dogs attending our premises must be wearing a quick-release collar.
  • Pets cannot attend if they are sick or have an injury. This includes stitches, some medications, bandages, or wearing a cone.
  • Dogs must always be secured on a lead in Reception.
  • Cats must always be in a crate in Reception.
  • All services must be pre-paid.
  • A late fee of $1 per minute applies to late pickup.
  • All services must be pre-booked. Log in to the Owner Portal to schedule your daycare, hotel, and grooming visits.
  • All booking requests must be made with a minimum of 24 hours' notice.

As professionals we are always monitoring behaviour and physical changes that may occur with your pet overtime influenced by age, environment, and life experiences. We may at times require your pet to take time off or seek training options and reserve the right to decline services at any time. We will always openly communicate any concerns we have and work with you where possible to resolve any issues.