Meet the Team

Animal Care Coordinator

I have been working at Central Bark for several months now and loving it, working with animals is not a job to me it’s a lifestyle!

I am currently studying at the University of Auckland double majoring in Employment relations and organisational studies and Chinese. Although my degree has nothing to do with animals I will definitely find other ways to keep animals in my life!

Studying up in Auckland and being away from my home and my own animals was really hard until I started working at Central Bark! I can still be surrounded by animals up here in Auckland.

My love for animals began when I was very young, growing up with a wide range of animals, rabbits, mice, sheep, chickens, cats and my personal favourite dogs! My mum used to show cats and dogs and my grandparents owned a boarding kennel which allowed me to meet a whole range of different breeds of dogs and cats, to this day I am still amazed how many there are.

I started off working in a British bulldog kennels, had experience in a veterinarian clinic and helped train my own two dogs and now I can say I’ve worked at a dog and cat day care! I love working with dogs and am interested in their many shapes and sizes, their behaviour and thoughts, I love researching and learning more about dogs and how they have become the most diverse animal on the planet and man’s best friend! Animals are my passion and always will be no matter what!