Meet the Team

Animal Care Coordinator

From a young age Sofia has had a fascination with animals and has enjoyed raising her own pets from the time they entered the family.

Sofia began regularly volunteering at a cattery and farm in Napier which confirmed her desire and passion to work with animals. After finishing High School, Sofia worked at a large pet store in Auckland which exposed her to a range of animals and care pet products. During this time she has completed several animal training courses and development programmes.

Sofia has also completed a certificate in Companion Animal Care which provides her significant insight on pets and in particular the behaviour of cats and dogs.

Sofia began working at Central Bark in 2018 before taking a brief trip to her home country in Argentina where she would often be found trying to befriend the local stray cats!

“Growing up in Argentina, where it is common to see stray pets roaming the streets, has given me the passion to ensure all pets under my supervision are treated with the best possible care. Seeing how all the dogs have grown during their time with us has been, and will continue to be, an amazing experience!”